The World of Gaeadia

Gaeadia is the true world, a place of magic on the other side of the Kosmos. The Kosmos is the fabric of "reality" that engulfs the two worlds and keeps them separate - the Other Side, aka Earth is the rather magic bereft world in which we live.

The lore of Gaeadia states that Dragons, seven factions of Dragons, each representing a different element, were once the gods of the world - and at that time, the world was a very different place. It was a single supercontinent, like Pangea. The Dragons ruled over their respective domains and warred with one another for many eons. When one of the factions of dragons was destroyed, the balance of the world faltered and an evil rose that could not be stopped by the Dragon gods. It was from this evil that the magic-deficient world of the Other Side sprouted, and on Gaeadia, the Dragons found that they had lost their godhood.

Many years later, a human civilization appeared on Gaeadia. They brought the religion of their birthplace with them from the Other Side - the Pantheistic beliefs of Greece. They do not believe that dragons were ever gods, though they do believe many of the supernatural creatures are the creations, or children, of the gods. Over time, human civilization spread, engulfing much of the northern hemisphere of the planet. The human populace of Gaeadia does not utilize electricity, instead, they favor numerous forms of technology based in mechanical and pressure generated energy, including steam engines. They've harnessed control over many forms of magic taken from the species of Gaeadia, and utilize it in genetic alteration and technology.

The magical world of Gaeadia flourishes with magical creatures. Any and all mythical beings that people have ever dreamt of have some form in some corner of the world of Gaeadia. Denial features only a small fraction of these magnificent creatures: Fire Dragons, Snow Grufoi (Griffons), Pegasi, Simurg, Haima Fox Demons (Chupacabras), Lykos (human-wolf hybrid), and Satyrs.

For those of you who are furry fans, these species pages exist so you can create your very own of these original species. Please be warned that these pages may contain minor spoilers regarding the book. Because of this they will not be included in the site's main navigation and are only accessible from this page.