Denial is now available for purchase through the Createspace store, or contact the author to request a signed copy !

Denial is a story told in four character's perspectives, each character's chapters stylized to suit them. Alex Silas' chapters are in a graphic novel format.

About The Story:

After a year of suffocating depression, Rebecca Silas was done pretending she would ever be normal. She intended to leave this world, and her problems, behind, but a meddling dragon from Earth's mirror world contorts her plan and literally pushes her into the World of Gaeadia. Hope, love, friendship, and a newfound sense of purpose inspire Rebecca to overcome her own insecurities while she struggles to bring change to a world violently torn asunder by hate and ignorance.

Thirteen year old Alex Silas knew his sister wasn't happy with her douchy boyfriend, but he didn't realize how close he'd been to losing her until he found her covered in blood. When they land in a fantasy world full of magical creatures at war, he embarks with his team of unlikely allies - a scholarly prince, a combat-expert half-wolf, and a vampire pup, to save civilization from their enemies, and Rebecca from her own demons.

Fate deigned ruling to be Sebastian Madius' destiny. Desperation led him to commander a Hadros and traverse the ocean to the wild continent of Xiratera in pursuit of the one man who could relieve him of fate's design. Upon encountering the Metakosmos siblings, he presumed he could educate them and cure them of the infectious moral corruption left on them by their violent world. On the contrary, their influence on him generates questions about history, righteousness, and every truth he has ever known.

Kaece hated humans. Rebecca was different though: Strange, and beautiful; She didn't judge or ask questions. Kaece couldn't say why Rebecca was worth betraying everything she believed in, but Kaece knew that's exactly what she would do if that's what it would take to win Rebecca's affection.

TRIGGER WARNING : Many heavy subjects are addressed throughout this book. People who are triggered by violent imagery should proceed with caution.

If you'd like more information before purchase, check out Gaeadia, the world Denial is set in, or view the comic sample that showcases the style used in the book and tells the story of its creation.